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Alma's house and garden

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Park/Garden, Handicraft Old-fashioned, Skåne garden. Sale of plants, flower pots and small gadgets to garden. Also leather aprons, perfect for barbecues and gardener.

Apotekarns Trädgård

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Group travel destination, Park/Garden Mediterranean garden in Skåne. Show garden, greenhouse & spice plants, theme.


Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Nature attractions Bäckhalladalen Nature Reserve is a relatively unknown natural gem just north of Simrishamn. The Cambrian sandstone is exposed in several places in the fine natural pastures and ...

Bergengrenska Trädgården

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Park/Garden A unique garden with clear traces of of the rural/town gardens of the19th Century.

Brunnsparken - stadspark

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Sights/Attractions, Park/Garden A typical city park by the end of the last century with the winding gravel paths in the beautiful park of trees, bandstand, amphitheater and roses.

En liten bit av Medelhavet i hjärtat av Österlen

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Park/Garden Greek garden in harmony of colors and scents, a Mediterranean flair on Scanian way!

Gislövs Gardens

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Park/Garden Garden store in fantastic surroundings with an eye for quality and beauty.


Area: Kåseberga & Skillinge vicinity  Map

Nature attractions A picturesque fishing village whose character is still preserved. Limestone peninsula between Skillinge and Brantevik. Gislövshammar, one of Österlens favorite spots for trout f...

Gyllebo naturreservat

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Nature attractions Gyllebo lake is one of southeastern Skåne's few lakes and is situated in scenic surroundings with lush forests and vast natural pastures in the south. The transition between the...

Hotell Turistgården Rosarium

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Park/Garden In the middle of Simrishamn you can find the Hotell Turistgårdens rose garden. A stunning rose experience! There are about 300 different varieties of roses with information on e...

JHL Bygg & Gardencenter

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Park/Garden Garden center with Indoor plants, perennials, shrubs and trees. Tools and accessories.

Mandelmanns Trädgårdar

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Park/Garden Hollyhock, sunflower, rosehip, lambs and tree frog pond. Tomatoes, lettuce, organic vegetables, lavender and gardening talk. Farm shop.

Ninnis Trädgård

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Park/Garden Garden with organic vegetables, honey, etc. Farm Market the first weekend of each month, June-September. Garden Café.

Norra Koloniområdet

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Park/Garden 142 allotments. Created in 1916, in connection with WWI.

Orelunds Trädgård

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Park/Garden Sit in our peaceful garden and enjoy Orelunds apple juice, a cup of coffee and delicious cakes. Listen to the birds singing, enjoy the garden's lush greenery and allow yourself ...

Prästens Badkar, Vik

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Nature attractions Geological relic. The crater-shaped formation, called "priest's bathtub" is caused by deposits.

Rörums backar

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Nature attractions Rörum hills reminiscent of Brösarp with its rolling, grazed hills southwest of Rörum village. Parts of the area is a nature reserve (Sträntemölla). Through the area runs Rörum S...

Rosentorget, Simrishamn

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Park/Garden The Rose Square has a unique collection of old fashioned roses from Österlen. There are roses from 55 diffrerent villages.

Simris strandängar

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Nature attractions The coast south of Simrishamn are a series of beach ridges formed during deglaciation. The ice sheet has made its mark by a terrace-like formations. Although sandstone outcrops ...

Sträntemölla Naturreservat, Forsemölla

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Nature attractions Sträntemölla is one of the oldest watermills in the country, built into a well preserved half-timbered house. The waterfall at Forsemölla free falls down the almost vertical roc...

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