Sights/Attractions in Ystad & Österlen - 289 matches

Art by Billström

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Galleries Permanent Exhibitors Brit Marie Bill Power. Courses in VedicArt.

Artstudio Maj Ström

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Galleries Paintings and graphics.

Artstudio Virrelösa

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Galleries Newly opened artgallery in Virrestad

Ateljé - Juggenheim, Jurgen af Rolén

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Galleries Jurgen af Rolén. Paintings, bird studies. Studio, art hall.

Ateljé Anna Ni

Area: Kåseberga & Skillinge vicinity  Map

Galleries Naturalistic images, motifs from the beach, or seeds, and flowers in large format.

Ateljé Ann-Margrete Clarén

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Galleries Paintings. Landscapes people and horses.

Ateljé Blå Gården

Area: Kivik & Brösarp vicinity  Map

Handicraft Elisabet Wallin, textile images, patchwork, chandeliers, branched candles and stoneware pottery: raku and smoke-fired.

Ateljé Cilla i Borrby

Area: Kåseberga & Skillinge vicinity  Map

Handicraft Cilla's textile crafts made ​​of linen and organic fabrics and made-up images of silk. Kerstin Hörmans knitted accessories, etc.

Ateljé Elisabet M

Area: Kivik & Brösarp vicinity  Map

Sights/Attractions, Galleries Painting, graphics, pedagogy.

Ateljé J. Saxell

Area: Tomelilla vicinity  Map

Galleries, Handicraft Paintings by artist Jennifer Saxell. Oil/mixed media on canvas and paper.

Ateljé Miré at Sjörödstorps café

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Group travel destination, Handicraft Home Textiles and garments made ​​of linen yarn, alpaca, angora, everyday items in wrought iron and wood. Exhibitions.

Ateljé Österlenagår

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Galleries Ann-Margret Malmqvist. Watercolors, prints, and copper etchings.

Ateljé Stattin

Area: Kivik & Brösarp vicinity  Map

Galleries, Handicraft Ingrid Stattin - paintings and Jan Lindahl - photography.

Atelje Toarpsgården

Area: Tomelilla vicinity  Map

Sights/Attractions, Galleries, Handicraft Ann-Charlotte Sjöstedt. Paintings (oil and watercolor) and sheepskin.

Ateljé/Galleri 2plus

Area: Ystad vicinity  Map

Galleries Leif Eugene and Ida Melin. Paintings. Exhibitions.

Ateljébutik Vardam

Area: Tomelilla vicinity  Map

Galleries, Sights/Attractions Anders Vardam - paintings.


Area: Kåseberga & Skillinge vicinity  Map

Nature attractions There Dag Hammarskjöld farm is meeting three nature reserves - Backåkra, Hagestad and Sandhammaren. Dry and sandy heath.


Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Nature attractions Bäckhalladalen Nature Reserve is a relatively unknown natural gem just north of Simrishamn. The Cambrian sandstone is exposed in several places in the fine natural pastures and ...

Bästekille Konsthall

Area: Kivik & Brösarp vicinity  Map

Sights/Attractions, Galleries K G Nilson, Ann Makander, painting, graphics.

Benestad Backar Nature reserve

24 Jan 2019 - 31 Dec 2019
Area: Tomelilla vicinity  Map
Occasion: Not specified

Hiking, Nature attractions Geologically interesting part of Fyledalen, the deep long valley created by earthquakes and faults.

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