Sights/Attractions in Ystad & Österlen - 290 matches

Museum och arkiv på Kivik

Area: Kivik & Brösarp vicinity  Map

Museums Ethnographical/ethnological museum about life in the Österlen area. Collection of archives from organisations and private persons in Kivik.

My Svennberg

Area: Tomelilla vicinity  Map

Handicraft Graphic art, paintings, enamel, glass.

Nedraby kyrkoruin

Area: Tomelilla vicinity  Map

Churches Originally built around 1250, abandoned in the 17th century.

New water towers

Area: Ystad vicinity  Map

Nature attractions By bike or walking distance from center of Ystad, we have a couple of ponds, which can provide interesting bird sightings. Behind the farm Fredriksborg are two waters of differe...

Nilssons Gård

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Sights/Attractions, Handicraft Carsten Nilsson, wood sculptor. Margareta Nilsson, hand-thrown stoneware utility goods.

Ninnis Trädgård

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Park/Garden Garden with organic vegetables, honey, etc. Farm Market the first weekend of each month, June-September. Garden Café.

Norra Koloniområdet

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Park/Garden 142 allotments. Created in 1916, in connection with WWI.

North Promenade

Area: Ystad vicinity  Map

Park/Garden A characteristic system for a 1800 century park with slowly meandering paths that meet in a circle in front of a café.

Nostalgi Café the 50´s

Area: Tomelilla vicinity  Map

Group travel destination, Museums Nostalgic 1950s exhibition with café. Jukeboxes, mopeds, toys, exhibition cases dedicated to country stores, old garage with pumps and cars.

Offerkällan vid S:t Olof

Area: Kivik & Brösarp vicinity  Map

Memorials The memory of the sacred sources of healing power is preserved in many places in Skane. The churches built in those places, became shrines for pilgrims and seeking help. By drin...

Öhmans Ateljé

Area: Kivik & Brösarp vicinity  Map

Galleries Liselotte Öhman; Animals and nature, watercolour, charcoal.

Onslunda Hembygdsmuseum

Area: Tomelilla vicinity  Map

Memorials, Museums Farm with late 19th Century house. Collections from the turn-of-the-century feature household utensils, houshold goods, farm implements and carriages. Authentic 19th century sho...

Onslunda kyrka

Area: Tomelilla vicinity  Map

Churches Built in 1862, with Romanesque stylistic features.

Orelunds Trädgård

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Park/Garden Sit in our peaceful garden and enjoy Orelunds apple juice, a cup of coffee and delicious cakes. Listen to the birds singing, enjoy the garden's lush greenery and allow yourself ...

Örnahusens Snickeri

Area: Kåseberga & Skillinge vicinity  Map

Handicraft, Shopping, Art & Design Anna Agger, designer, Pelle Larsson, carpenter.


Area: Kåseberga & Skillinge vicinity  Map

Ancient and classical architecture, Museums The house was built in 1800. Because of its isolated location on the plain, it has remained unchanged. The house is an example of a building type that was once common in Skåne. ...

Örup Castle

Area: Tomelilla vicinity  Map

Castles and palaces Örup Castle was built as a powerful defense facility during the late middle ages. The castle and its park is not open for visitors.


23 Mar 2019 - 31 Dec 2019
Area: Tomelilla vicinity  Map
Occasion: Not specified

Hiking, Nature attractions This elm wood was quickly designated a nature reserve as it was the only area unaffected by Dutch elm disease until the 1980s. Lime marsh with orchids.

Österlen Alpacka

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Children/family, Guided tour, Animal parks The alpaca is originally from the Andes. Österlen Alpacka offers visitors the opportunity to see and even buy these animals, which are rarely seen in Sweden. Yarn, wool and othe...

Österlens flygmuseum

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Museums, Children/family Österlens Aviation Museum intends to preserve, renovate and issue flight historically interesting things.

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