To do Ystad & Österlen - 20 matches

Book a tasting at the Skillinge Winery "Domain Sanana"

Area: Kåseberga & Skillinge vicinity  Map

Guided tour In spring 2011, the Domain Sanana was one of the first wineyards in Sweden permanently authorized to hold commissioned tastings of the estate's wines. Bus companies, tourist age...

Fyledalen on two wheels

Area: Tomelilla vicinity  Map

Children/family, Biking, Sport & Adventures Discover the beautiful valley of Fyledalen by mountain bike. Choose between different tours. Pack a picnic in your rucksack, or order refreshments from the kisok when booking. ...

Glimmingehus (copy)

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Activities, Children/family, Group travel destination [...] The building was commisioned by the Danish nobleman Jens Holgersen Ulfstand, built as a fortress and dwelling. Archaeological finds suggest that Ulfstand lived a comfortable, we...

Guided Mountain bike tours

Area: Kivik & Brösarp vicinity  Map

Biking, Guided tour Get away from life's hustle and bustle and experience Österlens wonderful hidden places. Mountain bike Trekking is not an extreme sport, it's simply excellent cycle riding acros...

Guided tours of Scandinavia's largest Winery - the journey from grapes to wine!

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Activities, Guided tour Tour of the winery, production, oak room and vineyard that is completed with a wine tasting* accompanied by thoughtfully chosen delicacies.

Hallamölla Gård

Area: Kivik & Brösarp vicinity  Map

Children/family, Group travel destination, Horseback riding [...]

Korsavadshallens Bowling

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Children/family, Sport & Adventures Simrishamns Bowling alley in Korsavad hall! Open late August until april Monday-Friday. 15-21, Sat. 13-17 (disco-bowling Fri). Summer Bowling Thursdays 18-21, call for other hours!


20 Jul 2019 - 31 Dec 2019
Area: Tomelilla vicinity  Map
Occasion: Not specified

Sport & Adventures, Hiking, Nature attractions Replanted area with a variety of trees including fur, pine, larch, birch, oak and other hardwoods. Exercise trails, some illuminated.

Maddam Kulturbyggnader

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Guided tour, Course MADDAM stands for Music Art Dance Drama Architecture Metamorph. MADDAM Cultural buildings include buildings such as Ragnar Pers, Jolas, Nils and Inezas. Places for music, con...

Österlen Alpacka

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Children/family, Guided tour, Animal parks The alpaca is originally from the Andes. Österlen Alpacka offers visitors the opportunity to see and even buy these animals, which are rarely seen in Sweden. Yarn, wool and othe...


Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Children/family, Biking, Fishing [...] Mountain biking, kayaking, sailing, hiking, climbing, fishing and jeep driving.


Area: Kåseberga & Skillinge vicinity  Map

Sport & Adventures Screen Flight training and tandem flights. All year around at Österlen since 1990. Österlen is beautiful and a unique weather safe place to learn to paraglide on.

Smedstorp Miniature golf course

Area: Tomelilla vicinity  Map

Children/family, Golf, Sport & Adventures Minigolf course at the open-air pool.


Area: Kivik & Brösarp vicinity  Map

Sport & Adventures Experience an exciting day below the surface. There is a whole world to be fascinated by. We move through a landscape historically populated by fishermen and sailors.

TDA-Äventyr & Action Games

Area: Tomelilla vicinity  Map

Group travel destination, Motor sport, Sport & Adventures Paintball, cross cart, archery, air guns, pistol range, blow pipes, triathlons and pentathlons. Advance booking essential.

Tomelilla Hyrkart

Area: Tomelilla vicinity  Map

Group travel destination, Motor sport, Sport & Adventures Go-cart track. Caroli-Honda 200cc, timekeeping system, 400 m long track. Kiosk. Competitions for groups of 5 to 30, for indivdual competitors or teams.

Tomelilla Miniature golf course

Area: Tomelilla vicinity  Map

Children/family, Golf, Sport & Adventures Mingolf course at Väla camping in Folkets Park.

Tosselilla - Skånes Sommarland

Area: Tomelilla vicinity  Map

Bathing, Children/family, Group travel destination [...] Fun and games for the whole family at Tosselilla, Skåne's largest pleasure park with water features, animals and nature activities, funfair and lots of exciting things to do.

Trolley cycling in Fyledalen

Area: Tomelilla vicinity  Map

Children/family, Biking, Trolley driving [...] Enjoy a unique experience - ride a trolley along a disused railway line through the beautiful and famous Österlen landscape.

Ystads Frivillige BergningsCorps

Area: Ystad vicinity  Map

Group travel destination, Guided tour We run our valued city tours and Wallander tours with vintage fire engine through Ystad. For groups of up to 8-10 people.

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