To do Ystad & Österlen - 37 matches

Baskemölla Beach

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Children/family, Bathing Adjacent to the port is a family friendly beach with breakwaters forming a peaceful and warm ocean basin inside. Further north towards Vik the meadows spread out into golden yel...

Beach - Kivik

Area: Kivik & Brösarp vicinity  Map

Bathing, Children/family Beach - Kivik

Beach - Kyhl

Area: Kåseberga & Skillinge vicinity  Map

Bathing, Children/family Beach - Kyhl

Beach - Örnahusen Spraggehusen

Area: Kåseberga & Skillinge vicinity  Map

Bathing, Children/family Beach - Örnahusen Spraggehusen

Beach - Tobisviksstrand

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Children/family, Bathing The sand on the beach in Tobisvik is round and a little coarse. Once upon a time it was exported all the way to Saudi Arabia where it was to be used in filters to purify water. ...

Beach - Vitemölla

Area: Kivik & Brösarp vicinity  Map

Children/family, Bathing The 15 meter wide and 4 kilometer long sandy beach is found behind the grassy dunes and borders a nature reserve. Toilets are available. Along the beach there are set buoys for...

Beach Knäbäckshusen

Area: Kivik & Brösarp vicinity  Map

Bathing, Children/family Beach Knäbäckshusen

Book a tasting at the Skillinge Winery "Domain Sanana"

Area: Kåseberga & Skillinge vicinity  Map

Guided tour In spring 2011, the Domain Sanana was one of the first wineyards in Sweden permanently authorized to hold commissioned tastings of the estate's wines. Bus companies, tourist age...

Borrby beach

Area: Kåseberga & Skillinge vicinity  Map

Bathing, Children/family Nice beach that is relatively wide with clear and shallow water, sand dunes, and you can swim twenty yards out before it gets deeper. Kiosks, a childrens pool, changing rooms an...

Dog Bath at Vårhallen

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Bathing North of Simrishamn. The area is very accessible and both beaches and rocks are popular swimming spots. On the beach north of Vårhallen may even dogs swim.

Dog Bath in Ystad

Area: Ystad vicinity  Map

Bathing There are beach in Ystad, where dogs are welcome. West of Ystad, there is sign on the beach that it is allowed to be with dog. This extends away to Svarte.

From Mälarhusen to Kyhls Strandbad

Area: Kåseberga & Skillinge vicinity  Map

Bathing, Children/family Mälarhusen to Kyhls Strandbad, south of Simrishamn. Mile long sandy beach, reminiscent of the Mediterranean. The white sand is so fine that it gasping under your feet. Swimmin...

Glimmingehus (copy)

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Activities, Children/family, Group travel destination [...] The building was commisioned by the Danish nobleman Jens Holgersen Ulfstand, built as a fortress and dwelling. Archaeological finds suggest that Ulfstand lived a comfortable, we...

Guided Mountain bike tours

Area: Kivik & Brösarp vicinity  Map

Biking, Guided tour Get away from life's hustle and bustle and experience Österlens wonderful hidden places. Mountain bike Trekking is not an extreme sport, it's simply excellent cycle riding acros...

Guided tours of Scandinavia's largest Winery - the journey from grapes to wine!

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Activities, Guided tour Tour of the winery, production, oak room and vineyard that is completed with a wine tasting* accompanied by thoughtfully chosen delicacies.

Gyllebo Lake

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Children/family, Bathing, Hiking The lake in Gyllebo is both family friendly with shallow and deep water as well as adapted for disabled with a ramp for easy access. The kiosk is open when the weather is nice, ...


Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Children/family, Bathing Outdoor swimming in summer. A true lover of life know what water means in summer. Our kid-friendly outdoor pool is nice alternative to the beach.


Area: Kivik & Brösarp vicinity  Map

Bathing, Children/family You go through Havängsdöserna built for about 5,000 years ago. You can swim where the cold Verkeån meets the sea and in the water, you can find amber. Here you can swim with y...

Kiviks northern pier

Area: Kivik & Brösarp vicinity  Map

Bathing Here you will experience the perfect morning and evening swim from generous concrete bridge. Farther out on the pier jumps and dives youth of the harbor entrance. At the far e...

Korsavadshallens Swimming center

Area: Simrishamn vicinity  Map

Children/family, Bathing Swimming Center has swimming pool and a children's pool. There are two drop-in solarium for rent. Pedicure and massage are also available at the swimming center.

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