A slice of Swedish Hospitality- Kristin

From the top of the hill I have a room with a view of the Hanö Bay in the Baltic and a view of the coast towards the heath of Haväng. Here I also see the sunset in the evenings. My name is Kristin Nilsson and I would like to enjoy afternoon coffee with you!

A Slice of Swedish Hospitality offers visitors a unique chance to discover the cozy,
everyday but still exotic side of Sweden by having dinner with a local family. You can’t get much closer to us Swedes than that!

Lunch, a Swedish Fika, coffe break, or supper in a private home will give you a chance to sample some Swedish delicacies, depending on the season and your host’s own preferences in the kitchen, and have a chat about everyday life. You can ask about culture and traditions, find out about local stories and anecdotes or get insider tips on what to see or where to shop. Without question the most authentic way of experiencing the most southern part of Sweden called Skåne.

My name is Kristin Nilsson and I would like to enjoy afternoon coffee with you, talking about Österlen, Sweden, Swedish society, sports, horse racing and much more! My table is ready for one up to six or seven persons.

I live at an old, small farm in Österlen. The farm is situated on the ridge ending at the crest of Stenshuvud, also the National Park on the south-east coast of Skåne.

The farm has been owned by my ancestors since the end of the nineteenth century. It has been a traditional farm with milking cows, pigs, hens and horses. Nowadays the horses are in focus, especially trotters. If you visit me in the summer or autumn, you will find foals and mares in the pastures.

A few years ago I retired from my profession as a publisher of educational books at a publishing house in Lund; the old, renowned university town of Skåne.

In summer I will welcome you to a coffee break in the afternoon when we enjoy Swedish cakes, pastries and an apple pie - when the apples are ripe. In late autumn I will give you an opportunity to dine with me at special occasions.

If wanted I can offer a house situated in the nearby small village, Svinaberga, with four beds for staying overnight or for some days.

If you come from Copenhagen or Malmö it takes about two hours by train to Simrishamn, where I can pick you up by car. If you arrive at Trelleborg by boat it takes about an hour and a half by car driving to Kivik. Perhaps you come by air to Kristianstad airport, then there is another half-an-hour journey to Kivik by car.

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