A slice of Swedish Hospitality- The Pilhamre Family

In the country side close to Ystad, we, The Pilhamre Family, live in what used to be a farm. The fields surround us and we have a stunning view from our veranda. Welcome to our paradise!

A Slice of Swedish Hospitality offers visitors a unique chance to discover the cozy,
everyday but still exotic side of Sweden by having dinner with a local family. You can’t get much closer to us Swedes than that!

Lunch, a Swedish Fika, coffe break, or supper in a private home will give you a chance to sample some Swedish delicacies, depending on the season and your host’s own preferences in the kitchen, and have a chat about everyday life. You can ask about culture and traditions, find out about local stories and anecdotes or get insider tips on what to see or where to shop. Without question the most authentic way of experiencing the most southern part of Sweden called Skåne.

Here, in the country side close to Ystad, we live in what used to be a farm. The fields surround us and we have a stunning view from our veranda. Our two boys, Leo and Lucas are 10 and 14 years old. They enjoy playing football and computer games. They also have a tractor that can be used in the fields. But most of all they love playing around in our indoor swimming pool. The only animal living with us is a cat. He mostly lies around all day doing nothing at all.

During the last fifteen years we have made us a fantastic paradise to live in. Our garden is a great place to spend nice summer evenings in. Wherever you go you can find yourself a peaceful place to relax in and have a ”fika”. While you stroll around you can be sure to find something edible, like apples, blackberries, carrots, lettuce and so on.

When we prefer to spend time together we hop into our indoor swimming pool and have a great time playing ball or take a swim. We all like to sit in the sauna afterwards. However, a freezing winter evening, when the stars shine in the clear, dark sky we sit in our hot tub in the garden and have a relaxing time there.

We valuate the wonderful scenery of the billowing fields. We witness the different seasons through the agricultural plantation. Nothing compares to the yellow fields that glows in May. The aroma that comes in August, while the fields are being harvested, reminds you of the approach of the autumn. During winter time the landscape is often covered in glowing white of snow.

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