Disas Ting

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Address: 27191 Ystad

Disa's Ting is an archaic ancient monument in Svarte. The name comes from a legend of the virgin Disa once kept things on the site. The ancient monument is a rectangular stone circle 36 meters x 16 meters. Prior Disa Ting we stand with different interpretations, both uncertain. More certain is that the west of Disa's Ting has been a settlement from stone or bronze age and dating from the late Bronze Age. Here was the bronze objects in the graves, which date them to about 1000 BC. The graves were cremations where the burnt bones and grave gifts placed in an urn of pottery and translated into the earth. We do not know how these graves were marked above ground or if they were there at all.

In 1920 was made an archaeological survey of part of the area. It was then, that there was a cobblestone layer inside the stone circle and burnt human bones lay scattered across the cobbled surface. In two places, in the middle and just west of the center, where the cobbles brittle burnt (eldpåverkade). The remains were interpreted as the remains of a tomb from the early Iron Age, around 500 BC - 400 AD. There are also other interpretations. An older interpretation is to Disa's Ting been a långdös, ie a tomb from the Neolithic period, about 3300 BC. Långdösarna consisted of one or several tombs of rock that was covered by a large rectangular mound with standing boulders along the sides.

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