Ruuthsbo manor

Address: Ruuthsbovägen 223 , 271 91 Ystad Show map

Address: Ruuthsbovägen 223 , 271 91 Ystad

Ruuthsbos original name is Gundralöf, and the first time we encounter this name is in 1365 when a man named Gunnrader let their heirlooms hot Gundrathlyf. Between 1365 and 1700 there is no information about the property. The estate is family Hagemann von Levachoffs private residence, please respect this.

During the 1700s, the owner of the property changes fairly often. 1783 is Eric Ruuth on Marsvinsholm as owner. 1810 moved Källunda entailed estate entitled to Gundralöv and its name is changed to Ruuthsbo. Fideikommiss property Ruuthsbo stays in the Ruuthska dynasty of five generations to 1902 when the dynasty dies out in the male (husband's side). 1903 buys Gustaf Iacobaeus Ruuthsbo and 1930 Acquires Gunnar Hagemann property. In 1947 he leaves to his son Gustav Alexander in 1969 leaving his son Gustav Adolph - Ruuthsbos current owners. From the beginning it is believed that a smaller half-timbered has constituted the main building. During family Ruuths ägotid made ​​some minor construction and renovation, including in 1850 and 1869. 1885 extended Count Ruuth main building of the so-called castle part in connection with his son's marriage to von Haffner. 1918 built Gustaf Iacobaeus into the large terrace in the south and made a conservatory. 1943 was next remodeling when the western part of the building was demolished and replaced by a new one. 1954 was built upstairs if and saddle roof was removed. In 1978, the main building and adjacent outbuildings and park monument explained. In the early 1980s, began an extensive renovation with the western part of the building was demolished and the remainder was completely renovated. 1994 renovated old forge and the original half-timbered character was recreated. The property's total area is about 9 km2 of which 8 km2 of fields.

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