Drakamöllan Nature reserve

Address: Drakamöllans väg, 297 95 Degeberga Date: Monday 13 may 2019 - Tuesday 31 Dec 2019 Show map

Address: Drakamöllans väg, 297 95 Degeberga

Up on the southern part of Linderödsåsen, 5 km north of Brösarp, is the exciting nature reserve Drakamöllan. Rare vegetation.

The area's unique knob and kettle landscape was formed when the inland ice melted 15,000 years ago. Extensive grass moors, exclusive sand steppes and shady beech woods together form a curious natural environment.

The moors are remnants of an ancient cultural landscape that was created as a result of thousands of years of human cultivation of the land. Continued maintenance, in the form of grazing, is a prerequisite to preserve the reserve's valuable plant and animal life. There are several well signposted long-distance footpaths in the area that take visitors to the different habitats.

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16 Jul
Tuesday 16 jul 2019 Drakamöllan naturreservat
17 Jul
Wednesday 17 jul 2019 Drakamöllan naturreservat
18 Jul
Thursday 18 jul 2019 Drakamöllan naturreservat
19 Jul
Friday 19 jul 2019 Drakamöllan naturreservat