Address: Sandhammarvägen, 27177 löderup Show map

Address: Sandhammarvägen, 27177 löderup

Sandhammaren is a magnificent, famous white sandy beach at the south-eastern tip of Skåne and it’s known as one of the best beaches of Sweden. The long beach stretches several kilometers with white sand and it is easy to walk many meters out in the water before it gets deep. A nature-reserve with hiking paths is located on the land side of the beaches, with a rich animal and bird life. You may even catch a glimpse of a moose or a deer. In Sandhammaren you will also find a kiosk that offers food.

Looking out the calm ocean on a sunny day it’s hard to imagine that the sea outside this beautiful beach is the biggest graveyard for ships in Sweden. Thousands of ships lies at the bottom of this ocean floor due to the unpredictable sand banks and currents. The many ship accidents resulted in the establishment of the first rescue station in Sweden in the middle of 1800s and the lighthouse was built in 1860s. The rescue station and the lighthouse can be visited at certain times during the summer.
In the 1600s the forest consisted of oaks but was cut down on order from the king Karl XI to battle the robbers. The robbers were misleading ships with fires and lured them to close to beach in order to rob them.

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