Stenshuvuds Nationalpark

Address: Stenshuvud, 277 35 Kivik Date: Monday 13 may 2019 - Tuesday 31 Dec 2019 Show map

Address: Stenshuvud, 277 35 Kivik

“Stenshuvud is a high mountain, right at the edge of the sea, which acts as a useful landmark for seafarers,” noted Linnaeus when he explored Österlen on his visit to Skåne in 1749.

At 97 metres high, Stenshuvud is shrouded in mystery and offers an excellent viewpoint. The climb to the top allows you to experience nature's rich variety. On a clear day, several viewpoints boast views stretching as far as the Danish island of Bornholm to the south and the upper stretches of Hanöbukten bay.

The giant Sten is said to have ruled this part of the world, and there is a cave which could have been the entrance to his lair inside the mountain.

In the springtime, wild anemones bloom to form swaying carpets beneath the airy greenery of the beech forests. The early summer sees the wetlands come alive with orchids, while in the month of August the heather graces the moorland which surrounds the lush green woodland. Birds of prey can often be seen circling the mountain, and the nightingale can be heard singing among the thickets. Elk sometimes visit the area, adding to the already rich animal life, but it is the humble dormouse who is the symbol of the national park.

Stenshuvud is one of the most abundantly varied national parks in Sweden. On a sunny day, the park is the ideal place for an al fresco picnic or a relaxing walk along the walking trail. Visits are free of charge.

For those wanting to learn more, the Stenhuvud visitor's centre has exhibitions and information. Guided walks are also organised from the centre.

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