Guided tours of Scandinavia's largest Winery - the journey from grapes to wine!

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Adresse: Vingatan 2

Tour of the winery, production, oak room and vineyard that is completed with a wine tasting* accompanied by thoughtfully chosen delicacies.

Come visit our ultra modern winery and newly built showroom with its own wine bar and restaurant in Simrishamn. Here you can enjoy wine and food together as well as learn how wine is made - from grape to finished product. We arrange guided tours of the winery where visitors can up close follow the production process and learn everything from how the grapes are harvested to the wine is bottled.The guided tour starts with a short movie that provides a good background and deeper understanding of the basics of wine. Shortly after follows a visit to the winery itself, production, the oak cask hall, the vineyard and is completed with the wine tasting accompanied by an assortment of delicacies.* Non-alcoholic alternatives are also available.

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