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Galeasen TS Helene

Område: Ystad nærhed  Kort

Båd/Kano, Grupperejsemål Sailing ship Helene was built in 1916 as a schooner at Ystad Shipyards of ship builder Johan Henrik Grufstedt. 1996 Helene sold again to the west coast, this time to Grebbestad...

Karlsfälts Gård

Område: Ystad nærhed  Kort

Grupperejsemål Knowledge and action. Animals and nature in harmony. The variety growing on fertile soils with Danish influences that are certified according to Swedish Seal. Österlen blowing t...

Skåneleden - Osterlen trail

Område: Ystad & Österlen  Kort

Børn/familie, Vandreture Osterlen trail. Along the coastal stretch there are no shelters. There are however, plenty of camp sites, youth hostels and other accommodation options. The Trail is only marked...

Stigvis - Natureguide Ystad & Österlen

Område: Ystad nærhed  Kort

Vandreture Stigvis - your guide out! Peter will share his favorite places that he found in the forest.

Walk in the wonderful scenery

Område: Ystad & Österlen  Kort

Aktiviteter, Vandreture Enjoy the outdoors! Walk along Österlenleden through a varied landscape with miles of sandy beaches, forests, heaths and small fishing villages.

Ystad Riding club

Område: Ystad nærhed  Kort

Børn/familie, Hästeaktiviteter Hcp-riding, lessons, riding camps. Riding in beautiful surroundings arranged. Today the club in Breda Stone located just north of Ystad Sandskog.

Ystads Frivillige BergningsCorps

Område: Ystad nærhed  Kort

Grupperejsemål, Rundvisning We run our valued city tours and Wallander tours with vintage fire engine through Ystad. For groups of up to 8-10 people.

Österlenleden: Löderups Strandbad - Borrby Strand

Område: Kåseberga & Skillinge nærhed  Kort

Vandreture You travel along narrow roads through a woodland of small, crooked trees, which provoke the imagination, and along footpaths which take you over tricky sand dunes. You pass by t...

Österlenleden: Nybrostrand - Löderups Strandbad

Område: Ystad nærhed  Kort

Vandreture Here you are met by a landscape with rolling hills, open pastures and an unhindered view over the Baltic Sea. Wander along the coast or along the crest of the hill. Ancient form...

Österlenleden: Snogeholm - Ystad

Område: Ystad nærhed  Kort

Vandreture Walk along small roads through a recreation area rich in lakes and over the hilly and cultivated area west of Ystad. Manors and mansions, extensive views and bird life.

Österlenleden: Ystad - Nybrostrand

Område: Ystad nærhed  Kort

Vandreture With light feet you go through the popular recreation area called Sandskogen (the Sandy Woodland). There are good spots for swimming and fishing along the long beach. The remain...

Åberg Gardens & Café

Område: Ystad nærhed  Kort

Grupperejsemål Lad glæden sejre! Haven er din stue. Tillad dig selv at leve uden der! Realiser dine drømme, selv om det kun i et lille hjørne. Vi har normalt denne bestræbelse, at alle skal fø...

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