Adresse: Gislöv, 272 92 Simrishamn Vis kort

Adresse: Gislöv, 272 92 Simrishamn

Bragestenarna is a minor rock carving situated in a lush landscape with scattered ancient remains south of Gislöv village. Hundreds of Stone and Bronze Age finds discovered in the fields around Gislöv are now part of various farm and museum collections.


Two tombs are situated next to the rock carving, which may have served as the floor of a third, later demolished, burial mound.

This site consists of two decorated rocks. The larger rock has the largest number of petroglyphs, including ships, wheel crosses, sun stands, cup marks and several unidentified motifs. The central wheel cross is very large. It almost appears to be moving. The second rock is small and only features a couple of ships.

Legend has it the people would climb up to the rocks in order to look out over the sea to look out for passing ships, forecast the weather or light bonfires in the spring.

Brage was the Nordic god of poetry and eloquence, but it is not known how this site acquired its name.

The images are hard to make out in daylight. Go there at dusk and direct the beam from a large torch parallel to the surface of the rock.

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