A slice of Swedish Hospitality- Susanne

My name is Susanne and I am a 27 year old happy and easy-going girl. I live in a cozy apartment in the old town in the center of Ystad, a beautiful town in the area Österlen in the south of Sweden. Most welcome to join me for supper!

A Slice of Swedish Hospitality offers visitors a unique chance to discover the cozy,
everyday but still exotic side of Sweden by having dinner with a local family. You can’t get much closer to us Swedes than that!

Lunch, a Swedish Fika, coffe break, or supper in a private home will give you a chance to sample some Swedish delicacies, depending on the season and your host’s own preferences in the kitchen, and have a chat about everyday life. You can ask about culture and traditions, find out about local stories and anecdotes or get insider tips on what to see or where to shop. Without question the most authentic way of experiencing the most southern part of Sweden called Skåne.

Food is one of the best things in life and I enjoy to try new restaurants and of course I love to cook and eat! Maybe the Swedish dishes “Husmanskost” (traditional Swedish home cooked “every day food” with local ingredients) will be your new favourite as well?

I have a degree from a university in Malmö called Service Manager – for future tourism, I work at a travel agency in Ystad. In my spare time I love to meet my friends and family for dinner or “fika”, work out at the gym, go running or swimming. I also love to go on spontaneous adventures and I love to travel around the world.

I love my hometown and I dream about a small house in the countryside with my own garden. I have personal interest for tourism and I would like to tell you about what you can’t miss during your stay in Sweden!

I can host 4 guests at my dinnertable, or if you want me to invite one of my friends or family members that would be very fun as well! I speak fluent English and know the Danish language well, and I can speak a bit German.

I have been a ambassador for A Slice of Swedish Hospitality since the very beginning because I think it is a brilliant idea – to invite someone to your home sharing both a nice Swedish meal and life experiences. I would definitely do this if I visit a country in the world where it was possible, I would love to get a more personal and unique experience than usual and an unforgettable memory!

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