A slice of Swedish Hospitality- Eva

Welcome to Eva´s place in Borrby in Österlen!

A Slice of Swedish Hospitality offers visitors a unique chance to discover the cozy, everyday but still exotic side of Sweden by having dinner with a local family. You can’t get much closer to us Swedes than that!

Lunch, a Swedish Fika, coffe break, or supper in a private home will give you a chance to sample some Swedish delicacies, depending on the season and your host’s own preferences in the kitchen, and have a chat about everyday life. You can ask about culture and traditions, find out about local stories and anecdotes or get insider tips on what to see or where to shop. Without question the most authentic way of experiencing the most southern part of Sweden called Skåne.

I am, Eva, a mother of two girls, granny of two girls and retired socialworker. I love my small house and my big wild garden. My interests are crafts, like knitting and almost everything around textiles. And I have a small business in ceramics.

Since I retired I have been working as a companion in Yorkshire, England and been WOOFF-ing in Bretagne, France.

My cooking on the whole is about following the seasons and using products from the area.

If you like new and old kinds of food I am sure we will have a lot to talk about. Do get in contact when you are in the area!

My kitchen table takes 3-4 people.

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