Österlenleden: Kivik – Vantalängan

Skåneleden part 6 of 12. Soft sandy beaches and a horizon to feast your eyes upon, footpaths and small roads across pastures and the rolling hills of Österlen. The clear water of the River Verkeån follows you along your journey. There are special grave stones here and there and an execution site.

You follow the shore along this section past the market place at Kivik and through Vitemölla Recreation Area. They belong to the rare habitat of sand steppe, with a large number of threatened species. Grazing animals, rabbits and visitors take care of the nature conservation management.
At Haväng keep your eye out for black and white sand, formed from moraine and quartz respectively, and the brick-coloured "river money" from the alum works at Andrarum.
You pass over a bridge and a winding water course with a sandy bottom; a suitable breeding site for brown trout and bullhead.
The Trail turns inland and you wander among grazing animals across the dry heaths of Ravlunda.
When you have passed the 19 Road, you walk along paths over the northern hills of Brösarps Backar. The steep slopes were formed by the melting ice. Here the grazing animals tend the ground for the benefit of Anthericum liliago, sand pink and dwarf everlasting.

Cultural History
In Vitemölla Recreation Area there is an outdoor museum called Lindgrens Länga which describes 9000 year old flooded woodlands, gold men and a hidden harbour. Adjacent you can see Örakaren, a man-made waterfall with traps for the fish jumping upstream.
Havängsdösen is a burial mound from the Stone Age and the section to the west is lined with standing stones from the Iron Age.
Ravlundafältet is a military rifle range which was purchased in 1943. The relationship between the woodland and open areas has not changed since the beginning of the 1800s. At that time there was extensive farming of rye, potatoes or spring cereals.
The Trail passes over the vintage railway line; maybe a steam train will turn up.
At the churches in Ravlunda and Brösarp there are gravestones which encourage reflection. The first belongs to Fritiof Nilsson Piraten, the other the victim of the renowned Yngsjö murder.
North of Brösarp you walk past the villages' gallows hill. The gallows stood at the top of the hill, in clear view for the village residents and passers-by.
Take a detour to Glimmebodagården, a traditional farm with four long houses and now an historic monument; originally a property for the person who managed the woodland and grazing animals for Glimmingehus.

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