Österlenleden: Snogeholm - Ystad

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Walk along small roads through a recreation area rich in lakes and over the hilly and cultivated area west of Ystad. Manors and mansions, extensive views and bird life.

Along gentle roads you walk through broadleaved woodland and past hilly pastures in Snogeholm Recreation Area. The Trail is lined with newly created ponds, sometimes vibrating with the calls from common tree frogs and fire-bellied toads.
A diversion along the yellow trail, to the Landskapslaboratoriet (The Landscape Laboratory), offers some new experiences. Here there is an odd plantation where people and the environment work together.
The section passes between four lakes and has an exciting bird life. Raptors congregate here during the winter and in the autumn many, many geese rest up here. When the Trail gains some height past Lake Ellestadsjön you have a lovely view and can catch a glimpse of the cormorant's dead islands. In the foreground you see oak wood pastures with trees which have a large girth.
At Lake Krageholmssjön you continue along small roads out into the more open, rolling landscape. Here you have a view of the island of Lybeck. There is some unusual vegetation there, originating from a park. One of the largest lime trees in Skåne can be found in the avenue south of

Cultural History
Snogeholm was once an estate and the buildings you pass by were inhabited by employees. Amongst the bushes you can find the remains of Munkesjö, dating back to the monk's period at Snogeholm. They fished, farmed and studied.
Sand dunes which blew into large drifts during the 1800s when there were few trees can be seen south of Raftarp. Sand blew onto the fields and roads and was a huge problem.
Lake Krageholmssjön provides some film and literary history. A spooky scene from a Wallander film "Before the Frost" was filmed here and the lake was involved in a couple of other murders in the books.
On the island of Lybeck there was thought to have been a fortress where Thorkel Snog and his wife Krage lived. The fortress was destroyed in a strange way and the widower built Krageholm castle. South of the castle there is a rune stone in memory of a husband known as Bram, "best among yeomen and generous with food".
The northerly building at Bjärsjöholm is the old manor from the Renaissance period in 1576, to the south the building dates from 1850. It all originates from a large estate which has been here since the Viking age.
In the medieval town of Ystad, the sound of a copper horn can be heard every quarter of an hour after 21.00.

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