Österlenleden: Löderups Strandbad - Borrby Strand

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You travel along narrow roads through a woodland of small, crooked trees, which provoke the imagination, and along footpaths which take you over tricky sand dunes. You pass by the peaceful Backåkra, the “wild” tip of the peninsula Sandhammaren and the oldest lifeboat in Scandinavia

Just north of the Trail you find the species rich heathlands of Backåkra and along this section you walk along paths through Hagestad and Sandhammaren Nature Reserves. Heathland and woodland exchange places with one another. Ekkrattskogen wooland with its crooked oaks and carpets of lily of the valley is unique. The climb over the forever increasing sand dunes at Sandhammaren is hard work. The fine sand is transported here from Kåsebergaåsen and Löderups Strandbad and is important for many rare species of insects.
The route continues north towards Borrby Strandbad through a landscape of sand dunes with the odd wetland and past summer houses.

Cultural History
Just north of the Trail you can find the Backåkra farm. It has the traditional four long houses, and was once bought by Dag Hammarskjöld, the UN Secretary General between 1953 and 1961, to conserve the unusual heathland landscape. He planned to build a chapel; in its place today there is a meditation site with a peaceful view.
Further back in time, the coastal area was grazing land for the local villages. After a while, the land became completely bare and as a consequence, sand drift became a big problem. A large part of the pine woodland you walk through was planted for protection from sand drift.
The coastal area outside of Sandhammaren is reknowned for the sandbanks, which are difficult to judge. These sandbanks, along with the strong currents have given Sandhammaren the nickname "fartygskyrkogården" (the Ship's Graveyard).
In the struggle against the treacherous banks and contagious diseases from sailors that floated ashore, Sandhammaren's lighthouse and coastguard station were built. Here you can find the oldest preserved lifeboat in Scandinavia, built in 1855.

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