Killans House of Prayer in Österlen

Adresse: Kyrkvägen 12, Ö Vemmerlöv, 27295 Gärsnäs Vis kort

Adresse: Kyrkvägen 12, Ö Vemmerlöv, 27295 Gärsnäs

Killans House of Prayer rests close to the Medieval church in Östra Vemmerlöv and was once the towns vicarage. Each and every person is invited to join who would like to share in prayers, stillness and hikes.

The Killan House is run by the non-profit organization called Killan who creates a spiritual setting that includes prayer, silence, profoundness, pilgrimage and fellowship. Killan also offers a praying fellowship for those who chose to partake in the house of adjurations flow or pray with Killan several times per day. On the grounds you will find a live-in community who together with volunteers give life to the Killan House. Killan is an independent organization who works in solidarity with the Swedish Church.

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