The Pilgrimage Route in Skåne Blekinge: St Olof - Simrishamn

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Adresse: Kyrkvägen 12, Ö Vemmerlöv, 27297 Gärsnäs

The route shifts from the open planes by the sea into the scenic beech forests around Sankt Olof. On this journey you will arrive at Sankt Olofs church which is considered a gem amongst pilgrimage churches in the dioceses of Lund, on to Tumathorp where people have been residing for over 6000 years and the grand monastery was located for over 400 years. You will also visit Killans Prayer House in Östra Vemmerlöv which is a resting place for pilgrims and others who seek out stillness and prayers.

Sankt Olof to Östra Vemmerlöv: 13 km. South of Sankt Olofs church is Sankt Olofsgården. Follow the road from the west side of the church towards the estate. Take a right before the estate to Sankt Olofs Springs. Continue on the western path into the woods. Follow the white poles to the Jungfrukällan (Virgin Springs) and then proceed back a way and follow the pilgrimage markings to the south through the woods until you arrive at a forest road. Follow this road. Soon you will cross another smaller road but just continue straight ahead. Shortly the road will turn to the left (on the right side there is a small farm). After approximately 500 meters you will be at the main road between Sankt Olof and Smedstorp. Walk straight across the road and continue on the smaller road. After about 1 km you will be at a small 4 way crossing after you have walked over some railway tracks. Continue straight ahead after the crossing and keep going approximately 2 km until you come to a crossing in the woods where you turn to the right. Then keep going about 2,5 km. Now you should be on the ridge of a hill right above Gyllebosjön/Lake and the road divides. Take the left road and walk down the hill to the Lake. Take a right after the lake and follow the road past the Gyllebo castle on the road Slottsvägen. At the end of the road Slottsvägen take a left towards Östra Vemmerlöv. Walk straight over the main road at the crossway in the village. After 100 meters take a right to Killans Prayer House by Östra Vemmerlövs Church. Please read the text: The Heavy Temple on the Pilgrimage sign. Östra Vemmerlöv to Östra Tommarp: 5,5 km.Take a right from Östra Vemmerlövs Church on the road Kyrkvägen. Follow the gravel road approximately 1,5 km to the Vemmerlövsgården. Take the road around the estate and then take a left on to a small country lane. Follow this road until it comes to a larger gravel road after about 1,5 km. Take a left after about 400 meters on to a larger road and follow this road to the right towards Östra Tommarp. Cross over the railway tracks in Östra Tommarp and take a left on to Storgatan and follow until it meets road nr.11. Cross over road 11 and then follow Bygatan to Östra Tommarps Church. Please read the text: Body and Soul on the Pilgrimage sign. Keep going on Klostergatan to the place of Tumathorps Kloster. Östra Tommarp to Gladsax: 4,5 km. Follow Bygatan back to road nr.11. Cross over road 11 and walk to Storgatan. Keep going until you make a right on to Gladsaxvägen. Take another right at the windmill in Gladsax and follow Gladsax Bygata to S:t Jacobs Church in Gladsax. Please read the text: Fru Idas Dream on the pilgrimage sign. Feel free to visit Fru Idas Gladsax House east of the church. Gladsax to Simrishamn: 5 km. Walk down Gladsax Bygata a few meters until you see a small road on your left hand side. Follow this road heading east past the Gladsaxhus and back on to Bygatan again. Go to the right for about 50 meters and take a right turn on Juliebergsvägen. At the end of Juliebergsgården take a left on a small tractor path towards Impans Protected Natural region. Cross over Impans on to Impevägen. Follow this road to Annelundsvägen and out on Gröstorps Bygata. Take a right after about 200 meters or when you see a bike path on your left side. This path will lead you across the Tommarpsån/Stream and ends up by two larger schools in the outskirts of Simrishamn. Take Fredalsgatan east, turn in to Wranérsgatan and cut across Brunnsparken/Park. At Suckornas Gång/Lane you take the following streets Nisbethgatan, Lilla Norregatan, Stora Rådmansgatan, and finally the small Klockaresträdde/Path up to the Saint Nicolai Church. Please read the text: Sillfiskarnas kapell on the pilgrimage sign.

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