Drive the Jeep Wrangler – classic in terms of off-road driving

Adresse: Glemmingevägen 9, Glemmingebro 27021 Vis kort

Adresse: Glemmingevägen 9, Glemmingebro 27021

In a unique partnership with Jeep Sweden we have the opportunity to offer you real Jeep-driving. This is a try-out activity where you can experience the car’s impressive off-road capability and four-wheelstrength.

Suitable for everyone who has a driving’s licence, you don’t need to be an experienced driver. We drive on a course with challenging obstacles like a 40 ° tilt, scissors, balance board and steep slopes. A fun day is guaranteed where you also get a dose of driving education. We use new and modern cars of recent models.
1.5 hour

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