Tornväktaren - The tower watchman

Adresse: Stortorget, 271 43 Ystad Vis kort

Adresse: Stortorget, 271 43 Ystad

The tower watchman had in former times a very responsible task. It was he who held the city under surveillance at night and guarded so that no unauthorized ship sailed into the harbor or unknown visitor came in the gates. Tornväktaren was also the passage of fire. From its position in the tower, he looked about for some reason it caught fire in a house and could quickly blow the alarm tone with its copper horn and alarm Bergnigns Volunteer Corps. Today, the tower keeper's work to watch over the city taken over by other agencies but it feels still safe to wander the city at night and know that Tornväktaren ensures you safely home.

Really how long Tornväktaren Ystad has had this task is not known. Certainly, it can only be dated to the 1600s when the church tower got its present appearance. Visitors who heard about Tornväktaren often doubt into the longest that it's a real live person that maintains the function. Not until they stood below the church, and fix your eyes on the little window that is under dials in the four cardinal points and seen this "municipal workers" stick out their kopparlur they have become convinced. From 9:15 p.m. to 1:00 pm sounds tower keeper signals.

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