Skårby Church

Adresse: Skårby kyrkoväg 202, 27191 Ystad Vis kort

Adresse: Skårby kyrkoväg 202, 27191 Ystad

Perched on a small hill in Skårby is Ljunits oldest church. Already in 1145 the church mentioned in the donation documents, indicating that in Skårby was a church even before the intense church building period between 1150-1250. Yhe church is a combined medieval structure, with minor changes between the years 1300-1500. Only an extension to the north, the so-called "New church" is of later date, from the first half of the 1700s.

When one enters the church feels that it is a very old-fashioned setting. The chancel of the church is twisted slightly to one side, an architectural symbolism that refers to Jesus' head fell to the side of death. Behind the church there is a gallery from the 1600s.

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