Marsvinsholm church

Adresse: Marsvinsholms allé 36, 27193 Ystad Vis kort

Adresse: Marsvinsholms allé 36, 27193 Ystad

In 1867 inaugurated Skåne's largest rural church, Marsvinsholm. Marsvinsholms church's total height is stated to be 60 m, the church is 50 m long and 17 m wide. With his bright and "clean" interior is Thorvaldsen's famous Christ image in its original size, placed on the altar crest, the most eye-catching place. Christ image is 3.3 meters high and made of plaster.

As curiosity is that both the castle and church is named after Otte Guinea. He sounded demolish an old manor and instead build Marsvinsholms palace as a memorial to himself. Guinea pig is the Danish name of porpoises and those found on kistskölden in the choir and in the corners of the pillars holding up the church vault.

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