Ystad Sandskog - Beach

Adresse: Ystad Sandskog, 27160 Ystad Vis kort

Adresse: Ystad Sandskog, 27160 Ystad

Opportunities for swimming along 10 km of coastline with sandy beaches, from Ystad to Nybrostrand. Most visited beaches with sanitary facilities except Ystad Sandskog are the beaches of Svarte, Ystad Saltsjöbaden, Löderups Strandbad, Sandhammaren and Mälarhusen.
The beach is easy accessible from the road number 9 with many exits to the beach.

Ystad Sandskog planted on the recommendation of Linné who visited Ystad 1749.
The forest consists of mixed forest and is between long white sandy beaches and the city. The beach has five bridges, one which consists of a ramp. Restaurants, kiosk, mini golf, etc. are available in the seaside area. For more liveliness visit the third and fourth bridge. Don’t forget to use sunscreen and eat famous Danish pastry from Fritidsbaren.

The beach at Saltsjöbaden has special disabled facilities. This beach was during earlier centuries and for today’s citizens of Ystads favorite shore to visit.
If you are looking for a comfortable and easily accessible beach then park the car by the hotel and go down to the bridges. This beach is close to food, a playground, a beach volley plan and toilets. The hotel is arranging after beach for the ones who are thirsty.

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