Söderberg & Sara Stenugnsbageri

Adresse: Regementsgatan 2, 271 41 Ystad Vis kort

Adresse: Regementsgatan 2, 271 41 Ystad

The coffee beans in our espresso machine are always freshly roasted from Swedens top coffee roasters. We always have interesting coffee blends on drip, to bring to the beach or to drink here. Why not sit down with a few friends in our café with one of our salads or sandwiches?

Söderberg & Sara is one of the most ambitious artisan bakeries in the area. We make quality bread and pastry using produce from local farmers and small mills. Everything is made with natural leaven and plenty of love, attention, time and skill. No cheating and strictly without additives, just plain good.

We can be found on Österportstorg, or during the summer with one of our coffee and bread bikes on Stortorget.

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