Kerstin Rosengren Design

Adresse: Glemminge Tågarpsvägen 157, 27021 Glemmingebro Vis kort

Adresse: Glemminge Tågarpsvägen 157, 27021 Glemmingebro

Outside Glemmingebro, not far from Ystad, Kerstin Rosengren has a small place that houses the studio, shop, gallery and museum for knitting machines.

From the studio overlooking the garden and fields, amid yarns and fabrics, inspiration flows and create my clothes in exciting colors and designs. You are always welcome when I'm in the studio and here I am for the most part! In my store are beautiful, timeless clothing in natural fibers such as wool and flax, wool for winter and linen for summer. In my production, there are jackets and sweaters but also small things like hats, scarves, mittens and more. The gallery is my textile pictures in wool & linen, framed in steel rods. Faces in the hardened linen and pillows in different sizes.

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