The Swedish Academy of Realist Art (SARA)

Adresse: Lilla Norregatan 17, 27231 Simrishamn Vis kort

Adresse: Lilla Norregatan 17, 27231 Simrishamn

Here you will learn realistic drawing and painting at the highest level using the same traditional methods, as used by the old masters.

This solid knowledge is not only useful for artists and illustrators, but also demanded in, among other things, the computer games industry and the film industry. SARA was established in 2006 as Scandinavia's only art school dedicated to traditional art and in 2015, SARA moved to Simrishamn. The school is international with students from all over the world, creating a wonderful dynamic.
Here is something for everyone who loves the art. Come by and enjoy the lovely rooms and the beautiful atmosphere. You can also join our hockey nights, sign up for a summer course, arrange a special evening with friends or maybe it will be a 3 year education.

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