Sydostleden – national bicycle route

Adresse: Simrisham Dato: Lørdag 18 jun 2016 - lørdag 15 dec 2018 Vis kort

Adresse: Simrisham

Sydostleden is Sweden’s second national bicycle route which will be inaugurated on 17 June 2016. It runs 260 - almost car-free - kilometers between Växjö in the north and Simrishamn in the south. Of course it is possible to split the route into shorter sections, giving you the opportunity to discover the varying scenery as well as diverse natural and cultural attractions along the way.

Special points of interest are for example the villages of Brösarp and Vitaby as well as the picturesque fishing towns of Kivik and Simrishamn. Culinary highlights are offered in fish and seafood restaurants like Buhres på Kivik, traditional inns like Brösarps Gästgivferi and in many of the small farm shops that sell fresh fruits, vegetables and other local produce. Make sure not to miss the fantastic scenery of Stenshuvud National Park and the Brösarp hills (Brösarps Backar).

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