Benestad Backar Nature reserve (copy)

Adresse: Eljaröd Nyhem Brösarp Dato: Onsdag 1 jan 2014 - onsdag 8 maj 2019 Vis kort

Adresse: Eljaröd Nyhem Brösarp

Geologically interesting part of Fyledalen, the deep long valley created by earthquakes and faults.

Geologically interesting part of Fyledalen, the deep and long valley created by earthquakes and faults. Fyledalen stretches in an arc from Sjöbo towards Tomelilla and onwards to the south. In several places it is several hundred metres wide and fifty metres deep. The valley's sandstone bottom is full of fossils from millions of years ago, and at Eriksdal there are huge deposits of quarts sand.

The entire valley was once a single large fjord, but the water has drained away leaving only the quietly flowing stream, Fyleån. Aquatic life such as salmon trout thrives in its unusually cold waters.

Fyledalen is otherwise most known for its rich birdlife and rare species, such as the black stork and the golden oriole. There are eagles in the valley including sea eagles and golden eagles. These can be best seen from near the road at Ekebjär, north of Lyckås. Buzzards, rough-legged buzzards, kestrels and kites come here to hunt small game, and the beautiful kingfisher hovers over the Fyleån. Among the small birds are dippers, grey wagtails and big flocks of bramblings.

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